The before and after journal

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The before and after journal

Post  Shawn on Thu May 06, 2010 1:52 pm

I didn't lose anything yesterday. Still at 141.8.

I think that I do better eating a 5 bite lunch and just a snickers bar for dinner.

I did eat one chip (french fry) from my son's fish and chips and a tiny piece of
chocolate (because I was missing the snickers bar).

I get infinitely more satisfaction from a 5 bite meal with carbs than one without
so I will eat 5 bites with carbs at lunch and just the snickers bar for dinner. Two
meals with carbs = no weight loss I think.

I might not lose any weight today either because I bought a Starbucks chai latte
(which I used to drink daily) but I could only drink 3 sips before I threw it away.
It was just too sweet, I think my tastebuds are changing which is a good thing.
I used to be addicted to chai lattes and needed at least one per day so I am
happy to cross them off my list. Back to just green tea at all coffee bars.




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Re: The before and after journal

Post  Phil on Thu May 06, 2010 2:44 pm

Im obsessed with Chai Lattes!

I LOVE EM hehe

but I have the skinny ones but still packed with calories :S

I had one today cause i'd bummed out :S

I like your idea Shawn of having a 5 bite lunch (which i seem to do fine) but its dinner i struggle with so maybe a bar of something would be better for me... I'll try it tomorrow ... i have a few fibre bars to get rid of anyway... Smile

also a very warm welcome to the forums!

Hope you find them helpful and supportive Smile


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my first night out with friends, quality not quantity!

Post  Shawn on Sat May 08, 2010 12:48 pm

Well I didn't do so well but I didn't do so badly last night.

Told myself I would have one drink and then switch to diet soda but
their margaritas were soooo good I had three. I don't regret it Smile

Then ended up at a sushi place and was kidded into ordering sashimi
and a small sake. After all that I only gained 1/2 lb probably because
I just had a snickers bar for dinner. So I consider that a successful night out.

They all had a lot more to eat than I did, several courses. I wasn't
that hungry (God I love this diet!) so I had something more expensive
but much smaller. The sashimi was only 5 bites, sort of big bites but
it was pure protein. That will be my tactic when eating out now,
order something small but really good and be satified with that.

Next time I will try to not eat the snickers bar but I was afraid that
I would get really hungry after the alcohol and overeat. I didn't feel
hungry though so maybe I was worried for nothing.

Week 1 - Starting weight 146 Current weight 141 Lost 5 lbs


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Re: The before and after journal

Post  3jaysmom on Sun May 09, 2010 12:10 am

Shawn- That's what I just decided yesterday, when I went out, I just had a cup of lobster bisque, rather than a "whole course", while it wasnt as healthy as sashimi, I felt like it was a really decadent thing to have, so I felt very satisfied with my small amount.

It sounds like you figured out a way to fit it into your life, and I love the "no regrets" over the drinks!! Job well done! Very Happy


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not so good over the weekend

Post  Shawn on Mon May 10, 2010 11:33 am

I was OK on Sat but Sunday I was really hungry all day, it was like I was back
in days 1-3 again. My lack of willpower was my downfall. Ate an 8 bite lunch,
80 grams of shrimp (3oz) rather than the 60 grams (2 oz) portion I should have eaten.

Absolutely starving while shopping, held off for an hour but them I had a snickers
and a Starbucks chai latte. Had a another snickers for dinner (3 hours later) anyway.

Then I went to an Owl City concert with my son and had a glass of wine. Came home after
the concert and had a third snickers bar. Woke up hungry at 330am and had 5 bites
of rice with gravy from the fridge. I'm still binging I'm just controlling the portion size
to 5 bites which I guess is sort of progress????

Anyhow I gained 2 lbs yesterday which takes my total weight loss back to 3 lbs for the week.
I guess I can live with that but I want to be so much better this week!!

Just tea with stevia this morning and not surprisingly I still feel full from my snickers bars
and 3am feeding Wink I am hoping for more willpower this week.


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Where is my will power?

Post  Shawn on Wed May 12, 2010 12:38 pm

Totally off plan yesterday, chocolate, shepherds pie and crunchy nut cereal with milk.
The scale said 144.3 this morning so I am definitely going in the wrong direction!!

Taking only only 10 bites today with lots of tea and diet coke.
I think if I am hungry I will have a diet coke before I eat to delay/reduce the hunger pangs.

If I was working I would be able to stick to it better so I am getting out of the house
today, walking, shopping and generally doing something away from food!!

Can't wait for interviews next week to get a job and get back to work.....


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Re: The before and after journal

Post  Jenny P. on Wed May 12, 2010 5:26 pm

For dinner you should try having like seven or eight bites of something really satisfying to ward off the nightly binge. and push bach lunch as faras possible to keep from waking up your stomach.

Jenny P.

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