Just Joined--new to 5BD and to this forum

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Just Joined--new to 5BD and to this forum

Post  Pam3937 on Thu Sep 30, 2010 1:17 am

Hi All, I just joined today. My daughter and I have been practicing a little with the 5BD since last week. This week we began in earnest. Takes getting used to, but is also intriguing to see how little food I can get by on, compared with how much I was eating. I've already lost 2lbs in 3days. Wow!

I have about 37+lbs. to lose. I'm hoping this will be the diet to do it for me. I love its simplicity. I've already learned how I'm going to do maintainance; so now I'm ready to give it my all! I have used weight watchers in the past, but losses were so slow it was agonizing. I did learn about healthy eating. I've been following another plan from a book of menus, which has been working great for me but again, 5lbs. in 4-1/2 weeks. Its o.k. but I'd like it a little faster.

I have on the high side chol./trig; prehypertensive; prediabetic; many aches and pains. I know this is it. I gotta get the weight off; get better numbers or meds are in my near future.

I'm 58; mother of 3 daughters; have 7 grandbabies; married for 37 years. I look forward to meeting more of you.



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Re: Just Joined--new to 5BD and to this forum

Post  Phil on Thu Sep 30, 2010 2:24 pm

Welcome to the forums Pam!!

It's so good to see more people on here!

Hope you find this community supportive (I'm sure u will!)

Good Luck!

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